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Last Modified 03 May 2005

My Travels....

Travel in 2005

So far, it's April 26th 2005 and I have been to Phoenix Airport (PHX), Bermuda (BDA) Again! Dallas (DFW). And that's just the travel for my job!

I got to take the family to Silver Dollar City in Branson (we'd never been there before) and I am still going over the pictures. You'll find some of them on the  "My Family" Page.

More to come!

Back In Bermuda Again

In March I was back in Bermuda. After the Nasty Damage they got from the Hurricanes, the airport bought a whole new iMuse system with the insurance pay off. I was down doing training for the new staff.

As you can see, the view of the airport from my hotel has not gotten any worse!

And the view from the airport is nothing to sneeze at either!

But, I spend most of my time in a small, cement, core room working with the machines.

PHX (Phoenix International Airport) was my first stop in January 2005.

This thing I am standing next to is called a PAL. It is a specially designed messaging stations that is fully ADA compliant. The Airport is justifiably proud of them, as these are the first in the world. I had just finished installing the computer system in this one.

Here you can see one running in the lab that we have in the bowels of the airport. standing in front of it are Kara and Nichole who are preparing to teach a class to the airport staff on using the systems.

This is the view from the smoking area near where we were working. Right out on the tarmac.

And at a slightly different angle, you can see some of the construction going on.

Travel in 2004

Woof! I'll have to work on that one and put it up here.

Travel in 2003

 Out of all of the places I've been sent on the job, the most beautiful one has to be Bermuda (BDA)

The Bermuda Hell's Angeles!

I drug these guy's to just about every old fortification on the island and there were plenty.


And maybe we did get into a little trouble.

I wish I'd had more time to spend at the beach.

My Job at ARINC has changed at bit recently. I am working on system integration at various airports and so am traveling quite a bit. So far this year (2001), I've been to JFK (New York), SFO (San Francisco), and OAK (Oakland). Unfortunately, I don't usually see more than the Air Port and the Hotel, but some times I manage to get out. I have managed to come up with some nice pictures and when I get them scanned in, I'll up load them to this page. Right now all I have is a digital picture that a friend of mine from the UK took when were were in the atrium of the Embassy Suites in San Francisco. Here it is..


briansf.jpg (91485 bytes)


Here is a shot of the Control Tower at JFK Terminal 4 Where I am spending a lot of my time currently.

JFK Tower by T4.jpg (120708 bytes)

This picture is from the old Bar at JFK Terminal 4 on the last night of operation. Tom Vinet and I having the last beers ever served from a place that had been open almost 50 years. Actually, Tom and I spent so much time there, because it was the only place inside the terminal where you could have a cigarette.

And Yes, this is the World Trade Center as seen from the 16th floor of the JFK Holiday Inn. We'll never have that view again....

In January of 2001 I found myself in Bermuda work on the BDA Airport and here is the view from my hotel room


Late this year I found myself some place interesting. Not at a resort. Try this picture on for size, It's the view on the way to the job site. I showed this to a serviceman who remarked that it reminded him of Lebanon.