The Gnad Family

Now before you realy start to worry about it I am in no way claming that I represent or speek for my entire clan, just my little part of it. And some times, not all of them. I am putting this page up in the hopes of bringing more of the family together and maby getting them to share a bit more of our scattered history or other information. I come from the west cost branch of the family. But there are pleanty of us in the mid west and north east that I don't know anything about. And that says nothing about the ones in Germany and elsewere in Europe.

Drop me a line with you email address and web URL. I'd love to put a link to you here. Or for that matter, just any old comment would be fine.

I have just started up a Web Community on the MSN Web. If you are a Gnad, please come by and join it! If not, Come by and check it out!




Banta Photots


Gnads in EUROPE!!

Gnads In the USA


Decendants of Gnads

Kathleen Mast

Please be kind as this is just a quick patch untill I get a real page put togther.. .  

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