Banta Family Photo's


Epke Jacobse.bmp (1589814 bytes)

Epke Jacobse Banta 1619-1686

The patriarch of the Banta clan in the United States. No Album would be complete with out him Our first ancestor to come to New Amsterdam about 1659. I believe that all of the Banta that are in the North East and several other come from him.

A Listing of some of his descendants can be found at this link.


Now for some others...


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No these people I cannot tell you too much about, except that they are related to my grand mother Margaret Lillian Banta who can be seen in the next picture...

grdmomg1.jpg (90989 bytes)

this is from  going out to California, I believe that they did a lot of walking on that trip..


grdmomg2.jpg (179083 bytes)

this is the note on that back of this picture.


banta-gn.jpg (318667 bytes)

This is a picture from a funeral, I believe Margaret's, but I could be mistaken. You'll see a baby being held up near the middle of the picture and that's me. If my memory serves, the lady in the white shawl 2nd in from the right is my great aunt Mary Banta.

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